Vineyard in Cascina Grillo - Piedmont

The wines that are born in Cascina Grillo reflect the nature and characteristics of the territory, of the vines, of the vintage. They are long aging wines.

The Cascina Grillo estate covers 32 hectares, seventeen of which are planted with vines. There are eleven hectares of red grape varieties – Barbera, Dolcetto, Freisa and Merlot – and six of white – Cortese and Sauvignon.

Our vineyards are located in the Monferrato region, near a small village called Gamalero in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy. The grapevines grow in sandy, quick-draining soil on a gently sloping upland about 350 meters above sea level.

We select our grapes with great care. During the harvest, which generally lasts 3-4 weeks, we return to the vineyard several times in order to pick each cluster just as it reaches the ideal stage of ripeness. Choosing exactly when to harvest our grapes is, in fact, one of the most critical decisions we have to make.

“Every year when harvest time rolls around, Nature throws up challenges of one kind or another, putting us to the test once again. We’re convinced that the only way to overcome these challenges is to learn from the experiences of the generations of winemakers that came before us. We don’t believe in shortcuts.

We believe in viticulture and winemaking that bring us ever closer – step by step, harvest after harvest – to the best interpretation of the vintage, the grape variety and, most of all, the territory. It isn’t easy to make wine this way, but the difficulties only strengthen our commitment and passion for doing it.”

Cascina Grillo
Artisanal winemakers in Monferrato