The other illegitimate son, just like Tornasole, it is born from the idea of ​​using a great international grape variety, already present in the vineyards, but with a strong Piedmontese territorial imprint. Its name comes from the summer heat and early ripening, almost a month before the other white berried grapes. Solleone is a wine of great character thanks to the territory that gives it elegance and power.


Great maturity, subtle tannins, complexity for this white wine, vinified on the skins as a red one, to enhance the complexity and aging potential of the grape.

Production: about 5000 bottles

Age of the vines: 25 years

Aging potential: at least 15 years

Serving temperature: 10 ° – 12°

Food pairing:  cheeses, soups, vegetarian dishes, meat first courses, fish main courses


The land of Solleone
Our land gives great character to this international grape